YXY: midnight sun roadtrips in the Yukon

Yukon adventures deluxe: antlers, moccasins and teeny deserts.
Yukon adventures deluxe: antlers, moccasins and teeny, tiny deserts.

We drove 400+ kilometres. We were offered gopher stew by a local First Nation. We soaked in hot mineral baths in the evening sun. I frolicked in Canada’s smallest, northern-most desert. Being born a sun worshipper, I fell in love with the eternal, Yukon summer sunlight. I also developed a slight obsession with all things antler-esque.

Two years ago I was lucky enough to head north to Whitehorse for work around summer solstice (June 21). What made me even luckier was my two high school girlfriends who’d emigrated north and acted as fantastic tour guides. 

My friend Tess, used to work summers as a cook in Kluane National Park during her undergrad, fell under the Yukon’s spell more than 10 years ago. Now a family lawyer, she’s human encyclopedia on all things-Yukon.  After a some Mexican nosh at Sanchez Cantina, we took off on our solstice roadtrip. Tess taxied us from Whitehorse, southwest to Carcross then to Tagish and back to Whitehorse. Another night my girlfriend Andrea, a super outdoorsy, backcountry type (do you see a theme developing here regarding the tough women who head north) took me out to Takhini Hot Springs.

On both journeys we returned home after midnight, tired out from my after work tourist escapades, the warm sun still high above the western horizon. As I crashed into my bed both nights I was thankful for two things: adventurous friends and black out curtains.

Photo caption from top left clockwise: Moose antlers near Takhini Hotspringsnew Minnetoka moccasins and moose socks seemed fitting, satellite wires and caribou antlers in Carcross, jumping around in the Carcross dessert, a view of Bennett Lake.

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  1. You, my friend, are always welcome in the Yukon. I have so many more wonderful places to show you. Next time, highlights of Kluane National Park. Wild game will be on the menu. Miss you!

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