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I’m so excited to introduce my blog Anchors & Proteas. I’ve wanted a blog baby for a while. You could say I’ve been in labour for about about two years with this one. You can read more about the blog here. Or just get down to business and start reading from my home page. Thanks to all who midwifed this baby along the way. It’s been a joy to make.

Heed the Mountains’ Call

“How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!” ~ John Muir

Downtown Jasper, AB
Downtown Jasper, AB

Growing up around mountains, living among them most of my life, I’ve realized I grew a little lazy in my reverence of topographic relief. In the past few months I decided to write travel odes to two mountain towns I can’t get enough of and was lucky enough to visit: Nelson, British Columbia and Jasper, Alberta.

Nelson and I have been in a relationship for a few years. Nelson also happens to be where my best friend lives and where my partner used to live so there are ample reasons to visit its fair shores often (lucky me). I often imagine our little family living in Nelson one day but at the moment we don’t have the moxy to make the move.

Jasper, on the other hand, is a new acquaintance. It’s the closest mountain town to my new prairie home and decidedly worth the five hour drive or Via Rail train ride. Though I’ve tripped through the Kootenays to Nelson every year for the past decade or so, I must say Jasper is making my mountain-loving heart aflutter these days. Both towns are perfect long weekend getaways thanks to their fun food scenes, fashion sources, adventure options and general alpine cuteness.  Continue reading Heed the Mountains’ Call

North – West – South – Travel advice from one rambler to the next

Fire dancers at Little Beach, Maui.
Fire dancers at Little Beach, Maui.

I love the satisfaction of pushing in yet another pin onto my travel map. What I enjoy almost as much is sharing travel experiences with friends and family. If I have a great experience, why wouldn’t I want someone else to have it too, right? When friends ask where to find the best taco/croissant/whiskey sour/comfy & stylish rooms to sleep spots in the places on my  travel map, I’m super stoked to send them to my fave spots en route.

Case in point. Recently a friend went to Maui and was posting her gorgeous, lush, sandy, palm tree filled photos on Instagram. I spent a month on Maui seven years ago, and ate at an amazing little taco truck on a rural road on the way to some lava beds and beaches (yes, yes, this could describe many-a-road on the Hawaiian isles). I commented that she should check said truck out, where to find it.  Then, BLAM! The next day she was posting saliva-inducing photos of her taco truck seafood feast. I felt like I made a tiny, but helpful, drop in the giant interweb bucket of travel tips.

In the last few months I’ve been sharing my travel experiences with Vitamin Daily readers. One of Canada’s largest online lifestyle blogs, Vitamin daily delivers daily doses of fresh life, beauty, travel and food tips across Canada.  Continue reading North – West – South – Travel advice from one rambler to the next

By Sea, Land and Air We Prosper


Reflecting on Vancouver: downtown on Lost Lagoon
Reflecting on Vancouver: downtown on Lost Lagoon

The thing about moving to a new city is that you reflect on miss your old city like crazy. As in CRAY.  I’m surrounded by snow in my new prairie home, experiencing my first real Canadian winter in a loooong time. So I guess you could say that my hindsight on a decade of Vancouver adventures and connections is pretty rose – or shall I say green – hued.

One such thrill was contributing to Tourism Vancouver’s Inside Vancouver blog. The website is meant to give both newbies and seasoned Vancouverites an inside look at the fun stuff happening around Vancouver from the very different perspectives of their team of 10 bloggers.

I really truly loved the gig and was able to meet a lot of cool Vancouver folks – PR mavensfood blogging chefs, a scientist/physical trainer/writer, an altruistic yogi, makers and artisans – as a result. Besides meeting swell people, hearing back from readers and friends on how my posts helped them find a place to: eat/sleep/get a pregnancy massage/buy a gift/go on a date/eat a croissant/buy seasonal veggies was probably the most rewarding part of the gig.

But fun times have to end in one place to make way for merrymaking in a new location…. so I penned my last blog post as a sort of farewell and ‘Miranda’s Best Of’ list. You can read it here. It was so lovely to reflect on decade in a world class city and the places that make it so. (**Note, I failed to mention the NEW Chambar: amazing brunch, beautiful room, baby friendly and the quickest Sunday mimosas in town).

If you liked the Best of story linked above, then maybe you want to read some of my favourite blog posts from the last 18+ months? I’ve compiled some of my faves after the jump.  Continue reading By Sea, Land and Air We Prosper

Flying High, Picnics and Bucket Lists

The sunset view from Cloud 9 Restaurant on Robson Street.
The sunset view from Cloud 9 Restaurant on Robson Street.

This summer was the summer of crazy travel for my little family. Lots of planned travel, lots of unplanned travel out of town and out of province. We only spent about 14 days in Vancouver.

In light of these absences, I had to squeeze every ray  of summer sunshine out of the city and surrounds when we were home. How did I do this? I made lists and scheduled adventures, picnics and visits with friends from far and near (Toronto, Johannesburg I’m looking at you) for the few fleeting days I touched down in the ‘City of Glass’. We packed the activities in. Continue reading Flying High, Picnics and Bucket Lists

Vancouver Date Night Ideas

Main Street Farmer's Market
Main Street Farmer’s Market

Summer is here. Vancouver comes alive in the summer. We worship the sun and forget the winter deluge for a couple of months. We hop on our bikes. We crowd patios. We buy fresh fruit and veg at farmers’ markets.

This all reminds me of a series of neighbourhood-focused, Date Night type articles for Inside Vancouver last year. They were so fun to research – some of the dates nights or elements my guy and I actually did. Some were just wish list items, that we want to do one day.  Continue reading Vancouver Date Night Ideas

How to Survive Being a New Parent of a pre-term Bambino

How to survive being a new parent to a preterm baby (Also called: bewilderment)
How to survive being a new parent to a preterm baby (Also called: bewilderment)


He came roaring into this world, fast then slow. I was on a work trip to the BC Interior when my baby decided to come 4.5 weeks early. My water broke in the rental car and then I waited and waited and waited for contractions while my man sped through the Rocky Mountains from work to meet me. Our little boy came early but took his time, finally born 33 hours after my water broke.

“This is not part of our birth plan. We have midwives in Vancouver. I’m supposed to deliver at BC Women’s.” I repeated over and over that first day waiting for contractions in the hospital we weren’t supposed to be in. “Honey,” the nurse said, slightly annoyed. “You’re about to be a mom, kiss goodbye to any plans, anymore.” Continue reading How to Survive Being a New Parent of a pre-term Bambino

50+ blog posts – Inside Vancouver 9 months later

One of my favourite posts where I organized a giveaway.
One of my favourite posts where I organized a giveaway.

This month marks my nine-month-i-versary of writing for Inside Vancouver. So far I’ve typed 50+ blog posts. I’ve also devoured fresh farmer’s market pizza, sea urchin mousse and light-as-oxygen macarons. I’ve learned about the history of our city’s landmarks and the passion of its musicians, film-makers and yogis. And boy oh boy has it been fun.  Continue reading 50+ blog posts – Inside Vancouver 9 months later

YXY: midnight sun roadtrips in the Yukon

Yukon adventures deluxe: antlers, moccasins and teeny deserts.
Yukon adventures deluxe: antlers, moccasins and teeny, tiny deserts.

We drove 400+ kilometres. We were offered gopher stew by a local First Nation. We soaked in hot mineral baths in the evening sun. I frolicked in Canada’s smallest, northern-most desert. Being born a sun worshipper, I fell in love with the eternal, Yukon summer sunlight. I also developed a slight obsession with all things antler-esque.

Two years ago I was lucky enough to head north to Whitehorse for work around summer solstice (June 21). What made me even luckier was my two high school girlfriends who’d emigrated north and acted as fantastic tour guides.  Continue reading YXY: midnight sun roadtrips in the Yukon

SAN: San Diego for the weekend

San Diego: the SoCal gem that’s a perfect prelude to a week in the desert. In April 2012 my travel buddy Sarah and I headed to Southern California for a holiday of beaches, desert hikes, a rather large festival (Coachella-ella-ella) and some girly good times with other friends in Palm Springs.

We stayed at the Hilton in the Gaslamp Quarter travelling by cab and foot the first couple days then we rented a vehicle to explore Pacific Beach, La Jolla and Balboa Park before heading east. The highlight was definitely La Jolla with its ridculous oceanside mansions and secret upper-echelon surf beaches and our wander through Balboa park’s culture and cacti filled landscapes.